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DC Sports: Next Generation Next Middle School All-Star Showcase

03/05/2018, 8:30am PST
By Larry Curry

Coach Larry Curry & Coach Santon Jones out & about Covering Gilrs Hoops for BallN Prep

February 25th, 2018 Duncanville, TX - This past weekend some of the BallNPrep crew (Santon Jones - @BonesBallNPrep & Larry Curry - @LCBallNPrep on Twitter) attended the Generation Next Middle All-star Showcase hosted by DC Sports.

There were other great talent evaluators in the house that would all have to agree, the talent level on display was high quality. The young ladies participating in the event demonstrate high skill level, high basketball IQ, great sportsmanship, and put on a show. This event just goes to show that the talent level in Texas is off the charts and the future is bright. Here are some thoughts on the players from myself and Bones.

Class of 2023 (North) – LC

’23 Kendyle Hall 5’9 G/F Denton, TX (McMart MS) – Kendyle has a smooth game. She has great size and versatility. Her versatility and size allow her to play both guard spots and slide and play some at the small forward spot. She is a strong ball handler and uses a variation of moves to create space. Maya-Hall does a good job penetrating from the top of the key and is an efficient passer in traffic. She has a great upside.

’23 Monica Marsh 5’4 PG/SG Plano, TX (Robinson MS) – Monica was one of if not the most consistent player during the Generation Next Middle School Showcase. She was awesome at controlling tempo and did a great job of breaking through any full court pressure that was applied.  She is extremely crafty and did a good job using ball fakes and hesitations to keep defenders off balance while she attacked off the bounce.

23 Nicole Weaver 5’7 F Royse City, TX (Royse City MS) – Nicole is one of the “glue” players that every successful team must have and every coach loves to have on their team. She did a little of everything. I often seen her around the rim high pointing and snagging rebounds with both hands, starting breaks with quick outlets, and scrapping for loose balls. Her effort was extremely high at all times. Weaver also showed the confidence and ability to step out and take 15 foot set shots.

’23 Vivian Jin 5’2 G Highland Park, TX (Highland Park MS) – Please don’t be fooled by Ms. Vivian’s size. I think we have all heard the saying, “big things come in small packages”. This saying applies to Jin. She is so poised on the basketball court. Vivian displayed a ton of elusiveness and demonstrated good court vision in the open court. Her ability to shoot the ball from deep allows to use ball fakes and up fakes to get by defenders.

’23 Emilia Steele 5’8 F Colleyville, TX (Heritage MS) – I absolutely love watching athletic forwards and post players that run get up and down the floor. Emilia is one of those types of players. She has a ton of length and utilizes it well on both the offensive and defensive end. Offensively Steele has nice hands and finished well around the rim. Defensively she is very active on the ball, help side, and defending the paint.

’23 Madison McCloud 5’7 G/F Dallas, TX (Episcopal School of Dallas) – Madison has a solid frame and does a great job finding someone to put a body on and then attacking the rim for rebounds. She is super scrappy and gets after it on both ends.

’23 Destiny Briscoe 5’3 G Sherman, TX (Piner MS) – Destini showed the ability to knock down three point shots with range. She has a nice, quick release and did a great job of getting herself open for uncontested shots.

Class of 2023 (South) - Bones

’23 Crislyn Rose 5’5 PG Rowlett, TX (Schrade MS) - Rose has good handles, good court awareness and good body control. This kid has all the tools to be something special. She can score from beyond the arc, mid-range pull up or finish at the rim with either hand. I can see this kid playing easily at the D1 level.  Definitely one to put in your bags.

’23 Andrea Johnson 5’6 G Waco, TX (Lavega JH) - Johnson is a straight athlete who understands how to use her body well and take contact and finish strong at the rim with either hand. She also has good ball handling skills which allows her to make good read react moves around her defender.  One to keep an eye on as her game continues to improve.

’23 Tristen Taylor 5’2 G Duncanville, TX (Byrd MS) - Tristen Taylor is a name you would like to remember.  Don’t let her size fool you. She has good speed and good handles. Taylor can weasel her way through traffic, crafty with the ball in her hands, and can finish strong at the rim or utilize the floater.  This kids defense is stellar.  She was all over the place putting her opponents in difficult decisions with the ball.  Her heart and competitive play is much bigger than her size. 

’23 Victoria Flores 5’5 Dallas, TX (Edison MS) - This kid has a bright future, Flores has good handles and good court vision. Her ability to create with or without the ball makes her stand out amongst the rest.  Not only was she a proficient scorer with or without the ball, she also played good defense. Flores is also a rebounding guard and she can score for any angle on the court. I was highly impressed at how she controlled the tempo on both ends of the floor, offensively and defensively, and how well she played with her teammates.  Huge upside.  

’23 Da’Mai Freeman 5’8 G Grand Prairie, TX (Adams MS) - Freeman has good size for a guard. She understands her role and plays it well, nothing flashy.  Freemans length created a lot of turnovers.  Once she figures out she has a lot more to offer she will be one to keep your eyes on.  She can handle the ball, she plays good defense, understands the game and she is coachable.  May not want to sleep on her.

23 Kenzi Mitchell 5’0 PG Waco, TX (Rappaport Academy MS) -  Was impressed with how well she contained her opponent on defense.  Mitchell was very active on defense knows how to turn the hips and run and stay in front of her opponent. Although she was very active on Offense she still proved to have good handles and make good decisions on the court.  Her ability to play good defense will continue get her easy buckets. 

’23 Amarachi Kimpson 5’3 G Little Elm, TX (Lakeside MS) - Kimpson was another impact guard who understood her role during this All-Star event. She didn’t force anything just took advantage of her options. as a good Kimpson has a real high Basketball I.Q. She is a good defender, enjoyed watching her play.  Will continue to watch her because I know she has much more to offer. 

’23 Briana Vargas 5’3 G El Paso, TX (Ross MS) - Vargas is a shooter, once she learns how to move without the ball and put herself in the position to catch-and-shoot she will really be an effective player on the floor.

’23 Brooke Jones 5’6 G Midway, TX (Midway MS) - understands how to get good body position on rebounds. Jones has a good shot from beyond the arc and understands how to move without the basketball.

Class of 2022 North Team - LC

’22 Adabugwu Anamekwe 5’10 SF Plano, TX (Murphy MS) – Adabugwu is an exciting young player. She has a great vertical and did a great job using her vertical to get shots off over the top of defenders. Anamekwe does not shy away from contact and demonstrated a high level of physicality getting the rack.

’22 Kyla Deck 5’7 G Frisco, TX (Trent MS) – Kyla is just an all-around solid solid ball player. She is a jack of all trades. Deck is a good shooter, handles the rock well, and has great court awareness in open and half court situations.

’22 Kailee Deffebaugh 5’9 SG Frisco, TX (Trent MS) – Love this kids game. Kailee is an all-around talent that can play several positions. She has guard skills and an awesome mid-range game. Playing post at a young age has allowed her to develop a nice back to the basket game. Deffebaugh has nice touch around the rim and bring on the defensive end as much as she does on the offensive end.

’22 Nevaeh Zavala 5’10 G/F Rowlett, TX (Coyle MS) – Nevaeh was engaged on the offensive and defensive glass. She finished with nice touch around the rim.

’22 Samiyah Smith 6’2 F Texarkana, TX (Texarkana MS) – I was very impressed with Samiyah’s game. Her athleticism is off the charts. She used her ridiculous wing span to defend post players and showed good lateral movement to keep smaller guards in front of her. She showed tremendous recover ability on defense. I counted at least 7 blocks from Smith. Samiyah looked comfortable playing on the perimeter offensively, ran the floor well, and did a great job catching tough passes on the move.

’22 Ashia McSwain 5’11 F Brock, TX (Meadowbrook MS) - Ashia used positioning and size to maneuver around smaller defenders. Her physical nature allowed her to overpower defenders on her way to the basket and finish tough shots regardless of contact.

’22 Faith Horton 5’6 G/F McKinney, TX (Dowell MS) – Faith did a good job of moving without the ball and getting herself in positions to take uncontested shots.  She did a great job of flashing block to block and sealing off defenders.

Class of 2022 (South) - Bones

’22 Michayla Gatewood 5’6 G Desoto, TX (McCowan MS) - A true point guard who knows how to lead by example.  Gatewood has a real high basketball I.Q. and pays attention to detail. This kid has all the tools for the making of something special. Loved the energy she brings to the floor and how active she is to the basketball, again she is a true floor General that knows how to direct traffic and keep her teammates involved. Gatewood also plays just as hard on the defensive end of the floor.  Be sure to lay your own eyes on this kid, you won’t be disappointed.

’22 Ja’Mia Harris 5’7 G Dallas, TX (Life Oak Cliff MS) - plays good defense understands how to play the game quick and athletic. Her quick first step gives her an advantage to drive past her defender. 

’22 Tionna Herron 6’4 F Desoto, TX (McCowan MS) -  Herron is a true shot blocker and protects the paint. Her length allows her the advantage over most when it comes to snagging rebounds.  Liked how well she runs the floor. As Herron grows into her body and gets a little stronger Her dominance will be felt more than it already has. Can’t leave her open for the mid-range jump shot or she will make you pay. Her being able to be a threat with her back to the goal or facing you up, this allows her to be more effective.

’22 Amina Muhammed 6’3 F Desoto, TX (McCowan MS) - Muhammed is a long and athletic Forward that has no problem with protecting the paint.  She goes after every rebound with authority.  Muhammed wasn’t limited to just playing good defense, she can handle the ball and make good decisions with it finished left or right in traffic. This multi-dimensional player will be a real threat for her opponents as her game continues to elevate.

’22 Jiya Perry 5’11 G/F Desoto, TX (McCowan MS) - Perry is a big Guard who is strong with the basketball in her hands. Likes to attack the rim and she sees the court well.  Perry is a player who is active on both sides of the ball, very active Hands-On defense and can shoot the long bomb 2 feet beyond the arc. I’ve had the luxury of watching her play this summer and I was impressed then and to see major improvements to her game she will be a great asset to any team at the next level.

’22 Sanaa Showers 5’5 G Desoto, TX (McCowan MS) - Impact player who brings a lot of energy defensively.  I always love it when a kid takes more pride in defense over being the leading scorer.  Don’t get me wrong she can score as well.  Handles the ball well and makes good decisions with the ball.   

’22 Ayanna Thompson 6’0 G/F Desoto, TX (McCowan MS) - This long and athletic Guard moves well without the basketball, Thompson was fun to watch. She has an excellent mid-range jump shot and can shoot well from beyond the arc! Thompson would put the ball on the floor and make some strong dibble drive moves and attack the rim strong going left or right. Put this one on your must see this summer if she isn’t already.  Crazy upside with this one. 

Class of 2023 Game Awards

  • Overall MVP – Victoria Flores
  • Offensive MVP – Tristen Taylor
  • Defensive MVP – Emilia Steele

Class of 2022 Game Awards

  • Overall MVP – Michayla Gatewood
  • Offensive MVP’s – Jiya Perry & Kailee Deffebaugh
  • Defensive MVP – Samiyah Smith

DC Sports: Next Generation Next Middle School All-Star Showcase

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