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DC Sports Queen of the Court Classic

04/13/2018, 1:00pm PDT
By Larry Curry

Showcasing Great Teams and Players from the Southwest Region


DC Sports Queen of the Court Classic April 7 & 8 – Grapevine, TX

I always enjoy covering the DC Queen of the Court tournament. The event always showcases great teams and players from the southwest region and this year was no different. There were a ton of talented kids in the gym, some that I have seen and covered before and some that I had the opportunity to see for the first time. I wish I could have seen every game and every team play. Most games that I watched were competitive and filled with talent up and down the rosters. Here are a few players that stood out while I watched them play.

’26 Ivy Young F (Lady Drive Nation) – In fourth grade a lot of kids are still learning the little parts of the game, developing and improving their skills, and establishing their niche in the game. I was very impressed with Ivy’s knowledge of the game and her abilities at such a young age. It is very difficult for a coach to teach aggressiveness. In some cases, you have it or you don’t. Young was aggressive and confident taking her opportunities.

‘26 Jillian Topping F (Lady Drive Nation) - I enjoyed watching Jillian ball. She has nice size and demonstrated poise in the post area. Topping received and caught a lot of tough passes in traffic. She showed off her hands and ability to stay balanced and maintain good footwork.

 ‘25 Janiyah Williams 5’0 G Stillwater, OK (BTR) – Janiyah is a dynamic guard. She attacks the basket off the bounce using speed and quickness and does a wonderful job keeping defenders off balance and on their heels. I love her shiftiness and ability to size defenders up and break them down off the bounce. When Williams gets into the painted area, she is an impactful facilitator and does a great job absorbing contact and finishing in the lane against taller players.

’25 Keziah Lofton 5’7 G/F Yukon, OK (BTR) – I love watching versatile players that get after it on both ends of the court. When you watch Keziah play you can immediately recognize that this kid has a bright future. She has a great combination of length and athleticism. She can get to the rim off the bounce, runs the floor well, and utilizes her previously mentioned athleticism to flat out dominate on the boards. Lofton’s length is an attribute that allows her to be effective at playing the passing lanes and deflecting passes on the defensive end.

’25 Marcayla Johnson 5’4 G/F Tulsa, OK (BTR) – Every team needs/wants a player that can do a little of everything on the court. A player that is willing to do all the little things. For BTR that player is Marcayla Johnson. Johnson can do a lot of good things on the basketball court. She is calm under pressure and makes the right basketball plays that help get her team out of tough spots. She is so smooth and makes difficult plays look effortless. She distributes the basketball well and can get to the basket moving left or right. She defends multiple positions and just flat out plays hard.

’25 Sania Richardson 5’2 PG Ada, OK (BTR) – Sania has a very polished game. It was obvious that she puts in the time working on and adding to her game. She demonstrated great footwork in tight spaces and we all know how underrated yet important footwork is in basketball (Ex. MJ, Kobe, Melo, Maya, Taurasi, etc.). Richardson is very creative with the ball in her hand and did a great job using step throughs, ball fakes, and jab steps to create space for herself.

’24 Tamaiya Mims 5’5 G Arlington, TX (LRE) – Tamaiya is a heady basketball player. She has a high basketball IQ and understands the little nuances of the game. Mims has good quickness and a strong first step and burst to the basket. She is great in open court situations and utilizes good court awareness to get fast break buckets.

’24 Maryuane Adeyeye 5’7 F Arlington, TX (LRE) – Maryuane does a good job making herself available for entry passes from guards. She showed of her soft hands and caught touch passes in traffic. Adeyeye has nice touch around the basket and was efficient finishing around rim.

 ’24 Caya Smith F (BTR) – Caya is long, rangy, and has a ton of athleticism. Her physical attributes make it almost impossible for teams to keep her off the glass. Smith draws a lot of attention and she always has a lot of bodies around her. She plays composed and under control in traffic even while being grabbed and held by defenders. She displayed good footwork and an array of back to the basket spin and drop step post moves. What I love the most about her game is how she attacks the ball. She does not wait until the ball comes to her, she goes and gets it. Caya gets up and down the floor well. Her upside is extremely high.

’24 Neenah George 5’6 G Rowlett, TX (BTR) – Neenah George is an absolute pit bull out there on the basketball court. She is always in attack mode looking for opportunities to put pressure on the defense. I first saw her working out at a showcase event a few weeks ago but I wanted to check her out in a real game situation and she did not disappoint.  Her situational awareness is high quality and I am not sure if she can be contained when she is determined to get to the basket. George is a willing passer and she plays with high energy, passion, and has a “I can’t be stopped attitude”.

’23 Jaylen Mills 5’5 G Mansfield, TX (Team Motivate) – Jaylen is a long striding, athletic guard that gets where she wants on the court. She is dynamic off the bounce slashing to the basket. What makes her a nightmare guard for other teams is that she can get her own shot anytime and make tough passes to other players and put them in positions to score easy baskets. Mills does a great job recognizing what the defense is throwing at her, drawing in defenders on the drive, and kicking it wide to open teammates.

’23 Mikayla Brown 6’0 C Mesquite, TX (DFW Future) – I enjoyed watching Mikayla do work down low. She has a lethal combination of strength and quickness and demonstrated good post/pivot technique and footwork. Brown used her strength to seal defenders and keep them behind her and routinely beat post defenders with quick post spin moves. She did a good job of playing off her guards and reading defenders to make herself available for drop off passes under the rim.

’23 Macey Mercer 5’4 G Mesquite, TX (DFW Future) – Macey Mercer is a sharp shooter. When she has her feet set she is consistent and efficient from deep. Mercer does a good job of playing off her guards and making herself available by sliding to open positions on the court which allows penetrating guards to drive and kick out to her for good looks. The next step for Macey is becoming equally dangerous shooting off the bounce.

’23 Amber Jones 5’3 G Lancaster, TX (DC Queens Silver 2023) – Amber has a nice floor game. She has great balance handling against defenders and does a good job working her way inside. Once she is inside Jones is always looking to find open teammates.

’22 Lytaisha Jefferson 5’7 G Fort Worth, TX (Lady Hornets) – Lytaisha is the ultimate floor general. She creates, facilitates, and distributes the ball well. Jefferson is a pass first guard and is very effective at getting her teammates involved.

’22 Shacoria Hill 5’5 G Fort Worth, TX (Lady Hornets) – Shacoria is a smooth lefty that is fluid off the bounce and is a good decision maker. She plays off the ball well and does a good job positioning herself in open spots on the court. Hill has range from deep and is always prepared and ready to shoot when she receives the ball.

’22 Jasmine Talbot 6’0 F/C Fort Worth, TX (Team 8 Seventeen) – It is rare that you find a player with good size, length, and athleticism that can run and move like Jasmine Talbot. It’s extremely rare to find all that in an 8th grader. I love this kids game and I believe that she has a huge upside. She is dominant on the glass, protects the paint, and blocks shots. Talbot is athletic enough and has good enough lateral movement to get out and pressure guards if she gets caught in a switch. She fills the lanes well and puts pressure on the opposing teams big to get down the court.  Jasmine is effective from the high post area. Continued development and improvement on her back to the basket game will take her to the next level. The skies the limit for Jasmine. Did I mention that this kid has a huge upside?

’22 Neveah Zavala 5’10 F Garland, TX (DC Queens 2022 Orange) – Neveah has lots of length and bounce. She gets up and down like a pogo stick and finishes above defenders. Zavala causes problems for the defense when she gets the ball around the free-throw line. She has a quick first step to the basket. Neveah has wonderful laterally quickness and takes very long strides to the basket. Her springs allow her to be an impactful rebounder and her wingspan causes havoc on the defensive end.

’22 Nora Ritchie 5’10 F Parker, TX (DC Queens 2022 Orange) – Nora has all the characteristics that a coach would want in an impactful wing player. Her game is fluid and she glides to the basket. She is comfortable handling on the perimeter against pressure and is effective penetrating from the wings. Ritchie can score on all three levels. She can also get a rebound, initiate the break, and create for herself or others in transition.

’22 Ada Anamekwe 5’11 F Parker, TX (DC Queens Orange) – Ada is another one of those fantastic forwards on the Queens 2022 Orange squad. She has tons of athleticism and is super versatile. Anamekwe has no wasted motion going to basket and uses her God given talents to get there fast. When she gets to the rim she can finish challenged shots with both hands.

’21 Jaalah Puryear 5’10 F Mansfield, TX (Team Motivate) – Jaalah does a good job establishing and holding her position on the block. She does a good job using her size to box out defenders and positions herself well to snag both offensive and defensive rebounds.

’21 Ariele Rosborough 5’7 Mansfield, TX (Team Motivate) – Ariele is a smart tough player. She is a physical guard that does not shy away from contact. In fact, she did a great job initiating contact at the rim and getting to the free-throw line. Rosborough plays with wonderful pace and tempo and did a great job playing at different speeds to keep defenders off balance. She does a great job surveying the scene and has great court awareness.

’21 Peyton Hand 5’11 G Frisco, TX (Lady BIQ) – Peyton was impressive during the games I watched. She is solid off the bounce and can play both guard spots. She was great in pick and roll situations and did a good job as the primary ball handler, rubbing defenders off ball screens, and as the screener setting solid screens and rolling to the basket. She also showed that she is a threat in pick and pop situations. Peyton pestered ball handlers on defense with her quick and active hands.

’21 Madison Ott 5’9 G Frisco, TX (Lady BIQ) – Madison is a very crafty and savvy guard. She ran the show, kept her team organized, and got the team in their sets. Ott did a good job of utilizing and making the right decisions off the high ball screens. She has very deceptive handles and always keeps her dribble alive, which allows her to effectively get to the rim where she can finish with both hands. Madison evenly distributes the rock and gets everyone involved and can make tough passes off the bounce.

’20 Sierra Dickson 5’7 G Hebron, TX (Cy-Fair Elite Platinum) – It all starts with Sierra’s shooting. She is about as versatile of a shooter that you will find. Her ability to consistently knock down a variety of shots and keep defenders guessing is off the charts. Dickson can splash threes from deep, hit mid-range shots, and pull up off the dribble going left or right. After hitting defenders with a few of those types of shots, she uses up fakes and hesitations to blow by them and get layups.

’20 Brynee Scott 5’1 G Mckinney, TX (DC Queens 2020 White) – Brynee plays with a ton of heart and energy. She straight up gets after it and competes on both ends. On offense, she is blazing fast and makes quick decisive moves to get by defenders. She is a tough shot maker and has a nice floater that she drops in over the top of defenders. Scott keeps the defense honest by confidently taking and hitting outside shots. Defensively she is always in proper stance and uses her speed to beat defenders to their spots and force them to make tough shots over her.

’19 Jawain Caston 5’10 G (Houston DC Queens) – Jawain is an assassin in the painted area. She hit floaters, mid-rage pull ups, and did a good job drawing and dishing to teammates. Caston is a big guard that utilizes her size to see over the top of smaller guards. Jawain can play on or off the ball.

’19 Destinee Davies 5’4 (Houston DC Queens) – Destinee showed tremendous quickness off the dribble. She finishes with both hands and elevates well to avoid getting her shot blocked. Davies is lighting quick attacking the rim and is a high energy player.

Congratulations to all the champions listed below.

 3rd Grade Girls (Elite Bracket Champions) – Flight Elite 3rd

4th Grade Girls (Elite Bracket Champions) – Nike Cy Fair Elite 2026 Lewis

5th Grade Girls (Elite Bracket Champions) – Nike Cy Fair Elite 2025 Lewis

5th Grade Girls (Select Bracket Champions) – Team Motivate

6th Grade Girls (Elite Bracket Champions) – DC Queens 2024 Black

7th Grade Girls (Elite Bracket Champions) -  Nike Cy Fair Elite 2023 Evans

7th Grade Girls (Select Bracket Champions) – Nike Cy Fair Elite Girls 2024 Red

8th Grade Girls (Elite Bracket Champions) – Lady Jets Dime Droppers

Future Stars-9th Grade HS Girls (Elite Bracket Champions) – DFW Elite 15u Butler

Future Stars-9th Grade HS Girls (Select Bracket Champions) – CTBallers

Shooting Stars-Open HS Girls (Elite Bracket Champions) – Lady BIQ 2021

Shooting Stars-Open HS Girls (Select Bracket Champions) – Waco United-Lady Panthers

Superstars-Elite HS Girls (Elite Bracket Champions) – DC Queens Glover

Superstars-Elite HS Girls (Select Bracket Champions) – Houston DC Queens


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